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    Full-service process steps

    With our experts in the fields of product development, product management, creative agency, and marketing, we will lead your product to success.


    Concept & story telling

    We create tailor-made, marketable concepts to suit the target group and the product performance which is required. In this context, we orientate ourselves towards current beauty trends and design groundbreaking cosmetic innovations for unique brands worldwide. The selection of packaging materials and the implementation of the product design are already carried out at this stage.

    Research & development

    The development of high-quality cosmetic products with the optimal application concentration of active ingredients is one of our core competences. In addition to new developments, we implement product optimizations and extensions to the product range with the help of tailor-made solutions. Our team of experts develops exclusive formulations for private label brands with unique performance while considering the latest research results.

    Production & filling

    At our production sites, we manufacture over 800 different cosmetic products of our own brands and private label brands every year. More than 200 employees enable a flexible production capacity in approx. 16,000 m2 of production and storage area. Our close cooperation and loyalty with leading suppliers give us optimal access to the latest raw materials and packaging materials. Our customers benefit from synergies in material procurement and our established supply chain.

    Packing & storage

    The finishing of cosmetic products is crucial for successful marketing since the appearance often determines the impulse to buy. According to the respective preferences, we give the product the specific finishing touch ensuring precise packing and taking into account the requirements of the targeted distribution channel. Various types of packaging with labeling or printing, with single boxes and set combinations are possible. The sky’s the limit here.

    Documentation & quality

    Documentation within the framework of legal requirements is a matter of course and daily routine for us. We manufacture according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines and have IFS HPC certification at our Steinach production site. Our quality management includes, among other things, incoming goods inspections, such as quality testing of raw materials and packaging materials, constant monitoring of product quality in our quality assurance laboratory, product controls during the production process, and inspections of the end product.

    You have the choice

    Depending on the time factor and your desire for individuality, we offer two options in terms of product development.

    Available formulations are refined with the fragrance type and preferred intensity, as well as a unique combination of active ingredients.

    2,500 basic formulations | 200 perfume oils

    We develop exclusive formulations, taking into account the customers ideas and preferences, target groups and beauty trends.

    Individuality | Innovation

    Product types

    Water-based formulations:

    Facial toner, micellar water, hair lotion, etc.

    Oil-based formulations:

    Body oil, face oil, lip oil, etc.

    Surfactant-based formulations:

    Shower gel, hand soap, shampoo, etc.

    Emulsions (O/W):

    Lotion, cream, body butter, foundation mousse, etc.

    Wax-based formulations:

    Lip care, lipstick, etc.


    Body gel (warming/cooling), serum, etc.

    Powdery formulations:

    Eyeshadow, blusher, powder, etc.  

    Our USPs

    Highly-effective cosmetics

    Use of innovative high-tech active ingredients in combination with botanical ingredients for unique products with optimal care results

    Story telling

    Professional development and implementation of holistic concepts including product design

    Everything from one source

    Full service with a personal contact person: Complete in-house processing with our own creative agency and production sites

    Marketing advice

    Diverse marketing expertise: Benefit from our many years of experience with various distribution channels

    Flexibility & speed

    Fast and creative implementation of beauty trends and innovations thanks to decades of experience in the development, production, filling, and packaging of cosmetic products


    Individual development of textures and products while taking into account customer requests and beauty trends